I specialize in luxury residential properties and high end investment opportunities as they apply to real estate. My preference is to operate in the $2-15M price range, making exceptions for the right opportunity. I prefer the Monterey Peninsula as a general market area, but find myself operating outside of these boundaries. That type of venture normally involves agricultural land and business and diverse aspects of the equestrian marketplace.

My personal style is direct and to the point. I believe in candor with my clients and encourage dialogue at all levels, allowing me to learn more about the real goals and desires of my clients. My greatest strength as an agent is my ability to ask the right questions and wait for the answer. Communication brings understanding, while understanding brings with it credibility. Without these elements, there is no framework for the formation of a business relationship at higher monetary levels.

My value to a client is my ability to network with other agents and all of the many resources that enhance a business relationship. Knowledge is power in its purest form, and knowledge or the ability to acquire knowledge is my forte. Frequently, agents allow their ego to separate them from a financial victory. Understanding your limitations, but being confident in knowing how to bridge gaps of knowledge adds to your value enormously. To instill confidence in your client that you know how to maneuver and are not afraid to ask for expertise from other sources is the key to a strong relationship, and one that will always be mutually beneficial.

My educational background continues through the doctorate level. My emphasis was on psychology and corporate law. As a professional, the majority of my experience revolves around negotiations in the business arena, both nationally and internationally. As owner of several entities, my responsibility was the creation and promotion of a private business enterprise, specializing in the marketing of tangible and intangible commodities. Through the development of expansive networks, I have been able to maneuver in the commercial markets over a broad geographic area, and have been fortunate enough to experience the varied manners of sale, purchase, and negotiations around many areas of the United States and the world in general.

Bachelor of Arts, Undergraduate Study, 1969
Juris Doctor, Law School, 1975
Avid golfer, swimmer, boxer, weight training participant.
Active Membership in: NAR, CAR, SCCAR, SCAR.
Sustaining member of the Monterey County SPCA
Sustaining member of the PBS network
Sustaining member of St. Jude's Hospital for Children